The man I LOVE


He is both beautiful and handsome.

He touches my soul without touching my body.

His presence is strongly felt when I feel lonely and abandoned.

He stands next to me, holding my right hand tight, reassuring me that I will overcome my fears; including the ones I am yet to be aware of.

In a gentle voice, He whispers into my ears that everything will be fine.

He promised me victory before the battle began.

He is the only one who can hear the words spoken from my heart which my mouth cannot utter.

Oh, how I LOVE this man!

He goes ahead of me to level all the mountains in my path and He is behind me at the same time!

What a Man!

When I pour out my fears and insecurities to Him, He laughs and He caresses my face just the way I like and He tells me not to worry because He has given me peace which transcends all understanding to guard my heart.

Aren’t I lucky?!

He knows me very well. Anytime I am quite, He hugs me strongly and kisses my forehead; transferring new energy.

This energy is like water, it washes away all the negative vibes that makes me look old and wrinkled and replaces them with positive ones, making me look forever young!

He loves me just the way I am but He loves me most when I am transparent and without make-up.

He loves it when I come to Him with my natural beauty, He appreciates me the more.

He says He sees through me clearly when I come to Him with no make-up on.

The make-up He is referring to is the mask of perfection.

He likes it when I am real with Him.

He likes it when I cry out of pain and regret and laugh out of the joy of salvation.

He likes it when I go to Him after messing up pretty bad.

He likes it when I go to Him when everything goes right and when everything goes left.

He says He likes it when I make Him feel and know that He is the pillar of my life.

He told me that when I do that, He silently promises me that He will never disappoint me as He never disappointed the people of old.

What type of love is this?!

I don’t deserve it but I am grateful.

Thank you for loving me.

I love You too xx


– Angel Moon








and God said, ” Let there be light” and there was light.

Genesis 1 verse 3

Speak and things will happen.

By your spoken word, you give Me an invitation.

As My Spirit was hovering over the waters before creation, so am I hovering over your life, but I cannot enter because you haven’t spoken the word, you haven’t invited Me.

The first thing I created by My Word was light;  if you invite Me, the first thing I will give you is clarity.

Speak and things shall happen.

When you speak and you invite me, do not interfere with My plans with your lack of patience and doubts.

You see, I could have taken the Israelites from Egypt with One move, just One move but I followed a plan so you could see how mighty and reliable I AM.

When you speak and you invite Me, things will happen but they will not happen at once.

I could have created the world at one go but I intentionally used six days just to teach you that good things take time. Allow Me to work behind the scenes and you will be surprised; just give Me an invitation.

Call me and I will come straight to you because I am hovering behind the doors you’ve closed, longing for your invite.

Invite Me and work alongside Me.

I have given you My hand, hold it.

Invite me into the deep and I will take you to another level.

Invite me to you and you will see how I will bring things out of you.

Speak and things  shall happen according to your faith.

I know you believe, I will help your unbelief too.

I am just a breath away,

Invite me.

– God.

Happy New Year’s day.






Sales , EVERYTHING MUST GO! inspired by Sarah Jakes Roberts

It’s 26th December,  long queues are formed and people are eager to buy items.

It’s Boxing Day, people are happy because it’s sale time.

River Island is advertising 50%, 70% and 75% off clothing and you see huge queues forming.

PC World is shouting: sale! sale! Everything must go! And people will be rushing there.

The higher the discount, the longer the queue.

Every time we see this advertised, we are happy because we think of a bargain.

We are happy because we can finally buy that expensive thing we could not afford.

On 26th December, the weather is cold, freezing cold and the buses run irregularly but people seem not to care. Some walk into town and others stay in town so they can be the first in queue.

They do this because it’s Sales and Everything must GO.

People save and spend a lot on that day.

They even buy extra because the price is reduced.

They don’t see this as a cost but a bargain because it’s Sales and Everything must GO!

During sales, warehouses are cleared out, warehouses are emptied.

During sales, all that is not profitable for the company must go so that, that which is profitable can have room to stay.

YOU are  that warehouse , everything that is not profitable must GO! so the profitable things can have room to stay.

How can we be filled with new lines if we are filled with old lines?

Have you ever seen new wine in old wine skin?

How can we make profit if we keep selling things that have lost market value?

How can the Holy Spirit reside in us if we are full of old habits?

He receives our invitation alright when we ask Him to help us live a new life, but He can’t stay because we are filled with old stock  and we are so attached to it. We sometimes find it difficult to let go of certain habits even though they are not profitable. You don’t expect Him to leave the new clothing line outside the doors of the warehouse do you?

Look at how stores treat new lines when they are in stock. They give it priority.

Some, put it right at the front of the store so it catches the eye of the customer.

Others put it in front of the old lines, to cover it.

and You, how do you treat your new lines?

Do you make a profit or You run at a loss since you are still selling old stock which has lost market value?

It’s Sales time, Everything must Go!

Old stock must Go so new lines can stay.

It’s sales time, Everything must GO!

It’s sales time, anything that’s not pleasing to God must GO!

It’s sales time,

Anything that hinders your growth must GO!

Make a list and sell all the old lines at a sale price because

it’s sales time and EVERYTHING MUST GO.

Happy Boxing day..





Wrong Calculation

It hurts when you are calculated like a math equation, the answer is wrong and people start behaving strangely towards you.
It hurts when you read someone’s action,a wrong conclusion has been drawn but there is no room for explanation.
Isn’t it amazing how people claim their maturity but when it’s being tested,they fail as they are blinded by anger and self-righteousness?
Can I ask you something?
Will you answer honestly?
What would you do, when you realize that what you thought was right was actually wrong and after being led by your emotions, you’ve ruined relationships, perhaps friendships with people who meant no harm or with people who truly cared for you?
Why do You have the courage to be rude and humiliate someone out of anger but You do not have the courage to confront?
Do you not know, you can break hearts with words spoken out of anger?
Do you not know, you cannot take back words once spoken?
Why do you think we were advised to be slow to speak and quick to listen?

Do not Judge.
Do not Calculate.
Do not think for people.
Do Ask.
Do Confront.


Meek not Fool

Do not see a meek as a fool for he is trying to maintain his cool in the heat of anger.
Do not see a silent person as one without character for he is trying so hard not lose control while being hurt.
Do not see that person as meek but wise.
People with a hot temper do foolish things; wiser people remain calm.
The fact that he does not talk does not mean he has no feelings.
Why do think there is a ” no smoking ” sign at gas filling stations?
What do you think will happen if petrol and a flammable object meet?
Fire right?
An unquenchable huge fire which will inevitably cause damage.
People with quick temper cause quarreling and trouble.
Wise people seek peace.
There is fire within each and every being just that some choose to control it, to prevent damage.
Do not see that person as meek but wise.
Do not take that person for granted.
You may not need him now but remember,no one knows tomorrow.

– Angel Moon

If YOU would choose ME

“I love You.
That’s why I took my time to create you and made you a reflection of myself.
I love You and because I am a gentleman, I don’t force myself on You. I always give You the chance to choose and I am wondering if You would choose Me.
The symbol of my love is my Son on the cross and I am wondering if You would choose Me.
If You choose ME, you will be surprised.
You will realize that I am not boring as many think I am.
If You choose Me, you will be treasured among nations and you will eat the best of the land.
If You choose Me, you will understand that things seen with the eyes will pass but things seen with the heart will last forever.
The relationship between You and I is like a girl in love with two boys.
Different and unique.
They both give her what she wants but only one of them supply her needs.
In their own way they touch her heart but only one love is real and that love caresses her soul.
A time is coming and it has now come for her (You) to choose and I am wondering if you would choose me.
I wanna walk hand in hand with you.
I want You to give me your all because I have given mine already.
I want it to be YOU and I only!
and I am wondering..
if You would choose Me”



I Hurt

“I hurt,
You host me with your mouth and you send me away with your heart and I hurt.
You feed your distractions and you starve me and I hurt.
You think that I am any kind of spirit forgetting that I am a special kind of Spirit and I hurt.
I am the Holy Spirit and I Hurt.
I am a spirit but I have feelings and I hurt.
I feel your pain, your sorrows, your happiness and your joy but I hurt.
I hurt because you come to me only when you need help,I feel used and I hurt.
I was left behind for a mission. YOU are the mission! and I hurt because you ignore me.
I hurt because you prefer committing to man who can betray you instead of me who is always available.
Do you not know that I was specifically designed for you?
I long for a relationship with you but you seem not to care and I hurt.
I hurt because you don’t love me the way I do.
How does it feel when you give your all and you receive nothing in return?
It hurts doesn’t it? That is what you are doing to me and I hurt.
I am the Holy Spirit and I hurt.
You are willing to make a visitor, who is human like you comfortable but not me and I hurt.
It is easy for you to adjust to human standards in other to get along with them but you become rebellious with me and I Hurt.
I hurt because you’ve broken my heart countless times, you still do but you don’t realize it and I hurt.
You are vulnerable when you have to trust me but you are comfortable in trusting man and I hurt.
Why don’t you commit to me as you do with your fellow? Do you not know that I am already committed to you? Why don’t you give us a chance?
I hurt.
I really do.
When will you stop hurting me?”

– Holy Spirit