It’s Summer (continuation of Trees and Seasons)

“It’s summer

The birds are singing

the farmers are happy and ready for harvest.

Its summer  and everyone is happy,

The cold season has been forgotten and everyone is ready to enjoy the sun.

The lessons of the pain have been forgotten and we think we can live life with our own knowledge.

In his summer, King Saul thought he was doing God a favour and he offered a sacrifice he was not meant to and lost his kingship to David, the shepherd boy.

In his summer, King David thought he had the right to have anything he wants; as a result, he committed murder and adultery.

In his summer, Nebuchadnezzar became very proud and thought that there was no one above him and was turned into an animal.

In their summer, Ananias and Sapphira lied and they died, they thought they could be smarter than Me, the Holy Spirit.

In his summer, King Solomon became a husband to many wives and ended up dying in a shrine upon all the wisdom, splendour and wealth he had.

Summer is the most exciting season. No one has ever been sad during summer.

Summer is the season where you, my child think you know all and the thief steals you from you without your knowledge making you think that what you are doing is right.

What do you do in your summer?”

-Holy Spirit



My Presence

“My Presence is like the blood which flows through your veins…

You don’t see it but you know it’s there, for you to see your blood, you have to cut yourself or get injured.

My presence is everywhere, it is strongly felt when 2 or more are gathered in My name. It is not something that comes and goes, it is still,  it is permanent, that is why I AM OMNIPRESENT.

YOU, my dear one do not always feel Me because you are distant, you are not sensitive to My Presence. There is a gap between YOU and ME.

Get close to me..

I am like the blood that flows through your veins, cut yourself (get close to me)

and you will see Me.”





How to become valuable by Sebs Inspiration

The experiences of life have made me come to the conclusion that, in life, the value people will place on you will be a result of the respect you have earned. However, before people will show you respect, you must become a necessity and what makes you become a necessity is the solution you are able to render after a problem arises. This simply means a man’s value is tied to the problem he solves today.

I have made research and  I realised that the celebration of every great man is attributed to the problem he solved.: Joseph became a Prime Minister of Egypt after interpreting Pharoah’s dream; David saved the Israelites from being humiliated by the Philistines and was celebrated. JESUS solved the problem of sin and death. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs solved the problems of communication. These are great men who made reputations for themselves by simply solving problems of their generation.

The youth of today are on the run for greatness and fame but the truth is all the glories we are chasing are only tied to a problem that we solve. When God wants to promote you, he allows you to face a  problem so that your solution to that problem becomes your exit from your current conditions.

It’s time for us all my friends to survey every corridor of our world and become solutions to its problems. That initiative will make us valuable and in the process, we will become great men, wealthy, influential and impactful people.

I love you,


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Like birds and flowers withhold nothing..

Dear Lord,

I wonna fly,

fly like a bird,

like a bird free of thoughts and worries.

Lord, would You teach me how to fly?

I know You will catch me when I fall but …

I am scared.

Scared that I will fly too high and lose myself.

Scared that I will fly, get comfortable, forgetting that You helped me fly.

I am scared that I will grow wings that were not created by You.

Dear Lord, would you teach me how to fly? to fly Your way?

Lord, I wonna surrender but I am afraid that I will lose balance.

Lord I wonna fly yet I still want to feel the earth under my feet.

What do I hold on to if I give all to You? a question that can only be answered by withholding nothing and holding You.

Dear Lord, would You teach me how to fly withholding nothing?

Leaving everything behind and going all in for You? no fears, no doubts, no ifs, no buts no nothing just going all in for You.

I really wonna take that leap of faith and be like the birds of the air who do not toil nor sweat and still eat because they know that You are their provider but….

there are no buts actually, just invented excuses so I remain on the ground while  I want to fly.

Dear Lord, would You teach me how to stretch my wings in accordance with the direction of the air as You blow it?

I am pregnant with so many things but I am stuck in labour. I am afraid to push because I don’t know whether I would be able to handle what I give birth to.

I know I have the potential within but…

would I be able to handle it? would I get support? how will it go?

questions I ask myself daily and daily, they remained unanswered.

Lord, could You help me discipline myself in faith just like flowers?

Pollution is everywhere but in their season, they still blossom!

Can You train me to have faith like flowers? the action of man has affected the atmosphere: there is global warming, acidic rain, a hole in the ozone layer etc but they do not care! they know that someway somehow, You will make it rain and surely, You do!

They withhold nothing, they only hold You.

How is it possible that birds and flowers have faith but I, Your child struggle with it?

Lord, how can I fly like a bird and blossom like a flower?

Lord, how can I take a leap of faith and have faith?

How can I withhold nothing but hold You?





The attitude of the mind

The devil doesn’t tempt you with things you don’t do; he tempts you with your weak points.

Patience is a virtue and the devil has it. He will take his time to study you as if you were a textbook. He will know your likes and dislikes, your dos and your dont’s. He will do so until he finds your weak points.

The worst thing is fighting against someone who knows your weak points. It is like fighting against a ghost; winning is highly unlikely.

Did you know that your mind can be your weak point?

You see life with the sight of the mind. You believe with your mind and make decisions with your mind.

It is with the mind that you choose to forgive and forget or forgive and remember.

Fear is in the mind so does courage.

The body moves with the directions of the mind: if the body is tired and the mind commands it to move, it obeys like a robot obeys instructions.

The mind is like a remote control, you use it to change channels on your television.

That is how the devil works.

Once he enters your mind, he becomes the hand holding the remote control and you the television. He makes you see things about yourself that are not encouraging and if you haven’t noticed, that sight makes you stagnant: he feeds you with the idea of you being unable to do things, he casts doubts on your eyes and the spirit of belief and faith is as weak as a conquered village. Even the king of that village is afraid to attack back!

Imagine how miserable the people of that village will feel. It is just like we see in movies, the people are lean, sad, dirty, there is no life in their eyes and the list goes on.

That’s how our souls feel when the remote control, the mind, is occupied with the wrong things.

Do you think about what you think about?

The way you think is the way you live your life. You should train your mind to think about things that will build you up even when the situation is bad.

Many of us are Christians but we do not live a victorious life as we do not pay attention to the things we think about. Salvation is gained through Christ but somethings are earned by the renewal of the mind. Everything is about the mind and not everything is about salvation.

Our Father is a very rich King but we live as poor heirs on earth because of our mindset.

The battle between the physical and spiritual is real. One needs a ready mind to stay woke and alerted. When a message is dropped into the spirit being, the Holy Spirit explains it according to your level of understanding, how can He communicate with you if your mind is filled with junk?

Think about what you think about.

I wish I had known this earlier but I am glad I know it now. It all comes down to my journey to an unknown destination.






In Your Presence

Everything I need is in Your Presence.

What else do I need aside Your Presence?

In Your Presence, all my worries go down the stream, my doubts look foolish and worrying meaningless.

In Your Presence my strength is renewed, I feel strong, so strong that I can conquer the world.

In Your Presence, I am fearless.

In Your Presence, there is a promise, a blessed assurance that You are mine and I am yours. I hold onto that promise like an anchor holds downs a ship.

What else do I need aside Your Presence?

In Your Presence, I feel important.

In Your Presence, I feel appreciated.

In Your Presence, I know I am accepted.

In Your Presence, there is intimacy: into me you see.

Everything I need is in Your Presence.

What else do I need aside Your Presence?

All my flaws are washed away like dirt and I feel fresh like clothes taken out of the laundry.

In Your Presence, I FEEL GOOD!

I feel like never before: I feel very beautiful and sexy.

I cherish  You and I appreciate Your Presence.

Thank You for allowing me to come into Your Presence without following any protocol.

Thank You,

May Your name be glorified.

From: Me

To: You, the Man I Love.









The man I LOVE


He is both beautiful and handsome.

He touches my soul without touching my body.

His presence is strongly felt when I feel lonely and abandoned.

He stands next to me, holding my right hand tight, reassuring me that I will overcome my fears; including the ones I am yet to be aware of.

In a gentle voice, He whispers into my ears that everything will be fine.

He promised me victory before the battle began.

He is the only one who can hear the words spoken from my heart which my mouth cannot utter.

Oh, how I LOVE this man!

He goes ahead of me to level all the mountains in my path and He is behind me at the same time!

What a Man!

When I pour out my fears and insecurities to Him, He laughs and He caresses my face just the way I like and He tells me not to worry because He has given me peace which transcends all understanding to guard my heart.

Aren’t I lucky?!

He knows me very well. Anytime I am quite, He hugs me strongly and kisses my forehead; transferring new energy.

This energy is like water, it washes away all the negative vibes that makes me look old and wrinkled and replaces them with positive ones, making me look forever young!

He loves me just the way I am but He loves me most when I am transparent and without make-up.

He loves it when I come to Him with my natural beauty, He appreciates me the more.

He says He sees through me clearly when I come to Him with no make-up on.

The make-up He is referring to is the mask of perfection.

He likes it when I am real with Him.

He likes it when I cry out of pain and regret and laugh out of the joy of salvation.

He likes it when I go to Him after messing up pretty bad.

He likes it when I go to Him when everything goes right and when everything goes left.

He says He likes it when I make Him feel and know that He is the pillar of my life.

He told me that when I do that, He silently promises me that He will never disappoint me as He never disappointed the people of old.

What type of love is this?!

I don’t deserve it but I am grateful.

Thank you for loving me.

I love You too xx


– Angel Moon