Will you be my VALENTINE?


On this day, everything is red:

Red roses, red dresses, red gift wraps, red everything..

Red becomes the colour worn the most.

Red means love.

Red means passion.

Red is the blood I shed on Calvary..

Red is the love, the  deep love I have for You


You don’t have TIME for Me

You don’t have SPACE for Me

You don’t make ROOM for Me

Except for Easter where You spend 3 mornings, 3 afternoons and 2 evenings with Me and when is over,

We are also over.

You recite John 3:16 but I am not your valentine.

I am not your First Love.


Looks like I am begging but I am not, I am drawing your attention.


Looks like I need you but You need me more…


Think about it.

I love You,

always remember that…

Your Valentine




Coming back: the parable of the lost son. (Luke 15:11-22)

“Most times, when this story is narrated, God is described as a forgiving Father, a God of second chances and how heaven rejoices when a soul repents. Other times, we talk about how arrogant and irresponsible the young son was by asking for his share in his father’s property and how he squandered it (verse 11).

In verse 17, there is a change of character: ” When he came to his senses” he realised his mistake, he took an action to make amends. How many times do we take inventory of ourselves and acknowledge our wrongdoings? when was the last time we had a self-assessment to check whether our actions affected people around us or our future?

How many times do we go on a lower level ( humble ourselves) like the prodigal son did in verse 18 and ask for forgiveness with a repentant heart?

When was the last time you retraced your steps ( actions) and tried to make amends with a humbled heart?

The prodigal son came back

when are you coming back?”

Holy Spirit

Happy New Year






“Come to me with no makeup I want to see you.

I know who you are but I want to see you.

Come to Me when everything is going right and when everything is going wrong.

You don’t need makeup, you don’t need to be perfect when coming to Me.

Come with all your pimples(committed sins and bad habits) and all the things you cover with your makeup,

I am here waiting for you.

You mess up pretty bad and you think I don’t want you near Me.

If MY DEATH  brought salvation to the criminals who were crucified with me, how much more YOU whom I was sent to die for?

Do you not know that I  can see you clearly in your mess?

I see your beautiful soul.

Think about the prodigal son, he did not come back the way he left: he went away rich and came poor but he still came.

It is not your appearance that matters but YOU and Your HEART matter.

YOU put in too much effort in putting on make-up to impress people who praise you today and despise you tomorrow but You don’t put in the effort to come to Me and you don’t even need make-up…

You don’t need to put on makeup, you don’t need to be perfect before coming to Me

Perfection is in ME.

come  to Me, I am waiting for you



Happy New Year’s Eve






Disabled Unity

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Psalm 133:1

“I preach unity but people practice division..

My people come together as one but they are divided by hearts..

oh, what a disabled unity!

My people claim to have a strong character but they don’t have the courage to approach the fellow. Strength is not talking behind each other’s back. Strength is talking things through to make peace and live in unity!

The head cannot be by itself, neither the hand,  if that was possible, the body wouldn’t exist. Look at how the disabled are suffering! ( no offence to  them) Yet my people think they are better off by themselves… what a shame..

They teach/preach Me but they do not practice Me.

if only they knew what they can achieve in unity…


what a disabled unity…” – God

think about it…

Merry Christmas






“You love Me but when it comes to trusting me, trusting me fully, you shake, you begin to have doubts and you feed them, why?

When a woman falls deeply in love with a man, she puts her trust on  a silver platter and gives it to him without thinking about it; she does things that may be insane but makes sense to her because she loves and trusts the man she is doing it for; if you try to make her reason, you become the enemy.

She has the strength and courage to go against anybody who opposes the relationship! even her parents! yet takes risks in the name of love.

You have the courage to go against your family and friends when they are not in support of your relationship (with your partner) but You do not have the courage to hold on to and defend Your faith when your loved ones do not understand it; why?

You do not use your logic when you put your trust in man but you become very logical when it comes to trusting Me; why?

I ask You to take a step in faith, You think about it.

I talk to You and You want evidence before You believe, why?

Why must everything I say  make sense to You before You do it?


You say You love Me, I know You do


You do not always  trust Me


Why can’t You lean on Me as you lean on man wholeheartedly?

Why don’t You trust Me like a woman trusts her man when in love?


– Holy Spirit





It’s Summer (continuation of Trees and Seasons)

“It’s summer

The birds are singing

the farmers are happy and ready for harvest.

Its summer  and everyone is happy,

The cold season has been forgotten and everyone is ready to enjoy the sun.

The lessons of the pain have been forgotten and we think we can live life with our own knowledge.

In his summer, King Saul thought he was doing God a favour and he offered a sacrifice he was not meant to and lost his kingship to David, the shepherd boy.

In his summer, King David thought he had the right to have anything he wants; as a result, he committed murder and adultery.

In his summer, Nebuchadnezzar became very proud and thought that there was no one above him and was turned into an animal.

In their summer, Ananias and Sapphira lied and they died, they thought they could be smarter than Me, the Holy Spirit.

In his summer, King Solomon became a husband to many wives and ended up dying in a shrine upon all the wisdom, splendour and wealth he had.

Summer is the most exciting season. No one has ever been sad during summer.

Summer is the season where you, my child think you know all and the thief steals you from you without your knowledge making you think that what you are doing is right.

What do you do in your summer?”

-Holy Spirit


My Presence

“My Presence is like the blood which flows through your veins…

You don’t see it but you know it’s there, for you to see your blood, you have to cut yourself or get injured.

My presence is everywhere, it is strongly felt when 2 or more are gathered in My name. It is not something that comes and goes, it is still,  it is permanent, that is why I AM OMNIPRESENT.

YOU, my dear one do not always feel Me because you are distant, you are not sensitive to My Presence. There is a gap between YOU and ME.

Get close to me..

I am like the blood that flows through your veins, cut yourself (get close to me)

and you will see Me.”